Friday, 26 October 2012

How it all started

Just the other day my mom had asked me to go and find one of the recipes of a molten lava cake she wanted to bake.She has a number of fat books which are filled with pages and pages of recipes, it took me a long time to find the recipe she wanted. During this time i thought it would benefit a lot of people if they knew all those recipes.So this is why i started this blog in which my mom and me are going to upload a lot of the recipes which are our personal favorites.All of them are tried and tested and are yummilicious....

 My mom is providing the recipes and i am managing this blog.We hope you enjoy our recipes and if you have any doubts don't hesitate to post them in the comments.

Later on we will even get our huge extended families to publish their favorite recipes.

A small message from Mom
"Hi all, we hope you enjoy this blog, its great fun writing it. This collection of recipes is for our families, friends and any of you who enjoy good food. It will be an eclectic collection, covering our favorite desserts, savory experiments and our regular food which we make at home, some of which has been handed down over the generations.

So combining my huge enthusiasm for food,cooking, eating and my Son's huge enthusiasm for blogs and all computer related activities, we hope that this translates into a blog, which we can keep alive with our favorite foods...

All recipes are tried and tested , and have been put together after many tweaks and a lot of research and cooking, so hope you all enjoy them :) "